ATD Tools 5928 12V 1700 Peak Amp JumpStart Review

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The ATD Tools 5928 12V 1700 Peak Amp JumpStart is a handy device which is really useful in times when your vehicle engine or generator refuses to start up. Such a situation is frequently faced by people who live in chilly regions, or have to start their vehicles early in the morning or in freezing sub-zero temperature.

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It is provided with a powerful heavy duty 22 Ah battery with a remarkable 1,700 peak amp charge potential and a fully automated adapter that sustains hundred percent charge when you plug it in. It can even be recharged while on the go in a car, and also provides built-in safety from overloading or power surges for sophisticated devices like mobiles, laptops and PDA’s.

ATD Tools 1700 Peak Amp JumpStart Features & Specifications

  • Includes on/off switch for safety
  • Built-in work/emergency light, charging level/battery indicator gauge
  • AC/DC power cord for charging in vehicle
  • Heavy-duty impact-resistant polyethylene case with rubber base
  • 74 inch 4-gauge PVC coated cables that remain flexible in extreme cold temperatures

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The connecting cables provided with the ATD Tools 5928 are long and flexible so that you can place the device on the ground and connect it to the battery. It can jumpstart most engines in one single charge, and is solidly built to withstand the wear and tear of rough usage. A helpful battery reading estimate helps you keep track level of battery charge.

ATD Tools has also kept your safety in mind and provided an on-off switch to power off the device when not in use or in storage. The 12 volt jump starter can be stored easily in a provided durable polyethylene bag with a rubber casing to protect from rain, sunlight and dust or shocks and impacts. An extra thoughtful feature is that the copper clamps have been steel plated for more durability and long lasting service.

ATD Tools 5928 JumpStarter Review

Most of the purchasers of the ATD Tools 5928 12V JumpStarter had positive things to say about the products functionality ease of use and dependability. Almost all of them reported that it successfully jump started their vehicles in the first go, even in tricky situations when it was a freezing temperature or the vehicle’s headlights, A/C and radio had been left on. Users complimented its ruggedness and durability, and the easy method of replacing batteries it offered. A buyer who is employed in heavy industrial work commented that he was extremely happy with this jump starter and used it all hours of the day with no issues. Someone commented that the copper cables of other jump starters he had bought in the past had trouble reaching the battery of his mini-van which was higher up than that of most vehicles, but the ATD Tools JumpStart could be conveniently placed on the ground while connected to the battery. Click here to read more reviews.

Almost all the user reviews of the ATD Tools JumpStart were positive, and the only minor things users complained about were that this device is large and heavy. Another purchaser wished the spare parts would be available easily, because he had trouble finding new cables.

The ATD Tools 5928 12V 1700 Peak Amp JumpStart is the best product of its kind in the market and highly recommended for people looking for a versatile solution to their engine startup issues. Click here to check it out.

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