Booster PAC ES2500 900 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter Review

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The Booster PAC ES2500 900 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter is a wonderful lightweight jump starter that can jump up to 5 vehicles on just one charge. It is ideal as a portable source of power. It weighs just less than 20 pounds with dimensions of 4.5×18.4×11.3 inches. This compact design is ideal for portability and it can be used anywhere. The battery booster and jump starter features automatic recharging and comes with industrial grade hot jaw clamps. There are four 21” gauge cables that come with this product which has 900 peak amperes or 300 cranking amperes.

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One great advantage of this portable 12v jump starter is that it can store charge and it also fits in your car trunk easily. So when your battery dies and there is no one to jump your car, the Booster PAC jump starter will do it for you. The automatic charging feature is excellent since it will never run out of power to jump you whenever you need. At the same time, when it is fully charged, you can use it to jump start up to 5 vehicles on the same charge. This feature especially makes this product ideal for a beginner professional jump starter.

Booster PAC ES2500 900 Jump Starter Features & Specifications

  • 900 peak amperes/300 cranking amperes
  • 21″ #4 gauge cables
  • Industrial grade, Hot Jaw clamps
  • Automatic recharging
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

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The automatic recharging of the Booster PAC ES2500 900 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter is an energy saver. You only need to charge it occasionally when it is completely down. The industrial grade jaw clamps ensure proper contact for effective and speedy jumpstarting. The cables are also quite long enough.

This booster pac es2500 jump starter is quite affordable at only a little over $100. Anyone setting up a professional jump starting business should consider investing in the Booster PAC ES2500. The start up is reasonable and other features such as jump starting up to 5 vehicles on a single charge are an energy saver. The automatic recharging will also save you time and in effect money too.

Booster PAC ES2500 Review

There are 43 reviews on the Booster PAC ES2500 900 Peak Amp Jump Starter. An overwhelming majority gave it a 5-star rating, no wonder the average rating stands at 4.5 stars. This is very encouraging and you will be assured that it is good value for money as most reviewers attest to. One reviewer has used his Booster Jump Starter four times in as many months. The amazing thing is that he was able to use the battery booster pac to charge his cell phone at work when there was a power outage, how is that for adaptability. He used the 12-volt cigarette adapter to do this. Amazingly, the jump starter did not lose any charge despite being in the car for all of 3 months. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

There is a reviewer who has had the Booster Jump Starter for 2 years and used it 6 times. He however is not able to charge using a wall charger, though the times he used it he experienced exceptional service. Storing the device in the appropriate way will keep it in good working conditions for a long time.

If you are looking for good value for money and an energy saving compact jump starter, the Booster PAC ES2500 900 Peak Amp 12V Jumps Starter is your choice. Get ready to save money, time and energy when you order for your unit today.

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